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Exceptional illuminating and regenerating serum


Dior Prestige Light-in-White La Solution Lumière Activated Serum is the illuminating serum with a soothing texture composed of 92%* natural-origin ingredients. It helps repair and strengthen the skin,** and correct and diminish color imperfections to boost the intensity of skin’s natural light. This serum solves the skin’s ideal light equation by acting on its two main components: chromatic purity and light intensity. It also helps halve the visibility of wrinkles.*** The illuminating power of the white rose** therefore helps correct the skin’s principal color imperfections for a more radiant complexion. Dior science has enriched this serum with a complex (luminescent artemisia extract and stabilized vitamin C) that is twice as powerful** as vitamin C alone to act on the skin’s radiance.** This complex incorporates artemisia flower extract, which is rich in polyphenols, helping protect the skin from the phenomenon of light trap formation**** which alter light diffusion and thus diminish the intensity of the light re-emitted by the skin. The complex contributes to the serum’s anti-aging powers, boosting the skin’s ideal light.

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