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Anti-pollution foaming cleanser with purifying french water lily


Dior science has shown for the first time the impact of pollution and heavy metals on the skin. When they accumulate, they weaken skin structure, accelerating oxidation and therefore skin aging. They can also weaken the skin barrier. It is therefore essential not only to remove impurities from the skin, but also to strengthen and protect it. Dual action infused in the heart of OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser.

– OFF: the foaming cleanser combines anti-pollution action with purifying properties. It also protects against the harmful effects of pollution particles.* Infused with water lily from the Dior gardens, which is known for its purifying and detoxifying properties,** OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser eliminates urban pollution residue. Formulated by Dior experts, it eliminates 99%*** of pollution particles, removes makeup and optimally cleanses the skin.**** Pores seem perfectly cleansed, skin texture appears refined, the complexion is even.

– ON: formulated with skincare ingredients, OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser maintains the skin’s hydration and its barrier function. It also preserves its pH for extra gentle skin cleansing. Soothed and comfortable, it seems smoother and stronger.


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